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John Canellakis, Founder and Managing Director


Mr. Canellakis founded, built and managed three diverse companies. As a business leader with 25 years experience, he identified new markets and delivered cost-effective, full-service offshore manufacturing solutions to small and mid-sized firms. He is experienced in strategic vendor selection, supply chain design, management and customer integration.

Mr. Canellakis founded a management consulting firm and manufacturer with four offices and a joint venture in China and the US. He identified and developed customers, transitioned turnkey supply chain operations and delivered product lines to customers in sporting goods, home, retail, safety apparel and pharmaceuticals for just-in-time delivery to major US retailers and distributors.

Mr. Canellakis has a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Vassar College and an MA in International Relations from Yale University. He lives in Washington, DC with his three children.

Mr. Canellakisí profile can be found at the following web addresses: on LinkedIn at and on the China Business Network at