Managing corporate resources and creating lasting value

For a pharmaceutical company specializing in animal health, VCG identified, qualified and established supply relationships for FDA regulated products with multiple Chinese factories and delivered annually in excess of 300 TEUs to US based distributors and 3rd party contract manufacturers.

For a Safety Apparel manufacturer, VCG moved a garment production line to China from the US East Coast. VCG developed local materials that complied with industry standards, added new features and accessories, launched new product lines that were previously cost prohibitive, and reduced costs 55% - 65%.

For a US roll goods manufacturer, VCG established a tolling operation in China, processing their raw goods into finished goods for their clients, avoiding import taxes while maintaining and expanding their customer base.


Garment Production

Industrial Product Manufacturer


For a manufacturer of plate steel stoves, VCG established overseas manufacturing operations in China, consolidated inputs from multiple countries and vendors and reduced inventory and capital outlays. The company freed up US based capacity for high-end models, expanded their product line and entered new markets.

Consumer Durable Manufacturer

Sourcing and Consulting Services

For a freight forwarder, VCG established a China based sourcing and consulting division that increased customer retention and net income.