Managing corporate resources and creating lasting value

About Us

When we shift from the SUPPLY chain to the VALUE chain we change our perspective from management to value creation. 

The SUPPLY chain delivers goods and services. It focuses on delivery, logistics, disruptions, leadership, security and trust. 

The SUPPLY chain is tactical. It carries out directions of upper management. Its charge is often stated in terms of execution and costs.

The VALUE chain provides leadership to resolve supply chain disruptions and to mitigate risks. It is designed to deliver solutions to customers, protect Intellectual Property assets and reduce environmental costs.

The VALUE chain crosses functional departments. It is a strategic asset that is a core competency. It encourages trust where appropriate, incorporates metrics and allows those involved to critically oversee the firm's resources.

Bridging the gap from Supply Chain to Value Chain requires evaluating:

 Company-wide alignment

 Leadership and talent coordination

 Supply chain modeling

 Defined processes, metrics and information flows

 Relationship building between and within companies

 Continuous realignment of supply chain architecture and structure